what's new
  •2014.04.07 CEO has been invited to Nagasaki Ocean Development Project 
      to grow ocean power industry in collaboration with 
      local government, Universities, and manufacturers.  
  •2012.04.03  CEO was invited to NiAS* as a Research Fellow to speed up tidal-power project.  
  •2012.03.29  Blue Ocean had presentation on tidal energy and CFD at Huistenbosch. 130 audience. 
   •2012.03.15  Blue Ocean had speech on potential of tidal energy at Dejima-Build. 120 audience.
   •2012.02.15  Nagasaki Pref's gov' organized tidal energy committee.  
   •2011.12     NiAS* University got budget for R&D of tidal power from MEXT, central government.
                              *NiAS: Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science.University. 
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