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CEO of Blue Ocean

代表取締役 matuo
Hiroshi MATSUO, CEO .
-Founder of Blue Ocean., Ltd.
-Research Fellow at NiAS, Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science.

Russian market of Life, Non-Life insurance and social welfare.
Russian market of photo printing machines.
Market research on American printing machines and Value Added Reseller.
【Business Consulting】
Alliance of The Hackett Group and NRI.
Back office restructuring of heavy industry manufacturer.
Organizational restructuring of sales-force of printing machine.
【Fluid Dynamics】
In laboratory of Hideaki Miyata, Tokyo University, developed Multi-grid free motion CFD system to analyze ship motion in waves. 
・Entered Tokyo University.
・Bachelor degree of ship building, Tokyo University.
・Master degree of Ocean environment and engineering, Tokyo University.
・Business consultant at NRI (Nomura Research Institute).
・Found Blue Ocean., Ltd. in 2012.  Research Fellow at NiAS, Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science.
CEO’s master theses that enabled free motion analyze in waves by using Multi-Grid System.
Published in 2002 
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