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『For the Next Generation』
 We harmonize technology, environment, and human society for the next generation
 and the future of the Earth. 

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We are now organizing companies, government, universities, capital fund and other related organization and people in order to develop the first ocean current power plant in Japan.
In that area, UK and Germany are the top countries.
For example, Marine Current Turbine, VoithHydro, Hammerfeststorm and Atlantis resources are installing tidal power stations They are creating new immersing renewable energy business in the ' Blue Ocean ' market.
But we,  Blue Ocean Co., Ltd,   believe Japan has high potential because Japan is surrounded by the sea and has huge ocean space and a lot of tidal flow.
The critical issue is short of energy because Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant was broken by Tsunami and most of nuclear power plants are stopped which had provided 30% of electricity in Japan.

Name Blue Ocean., Ltd.
1. Tidal and Ocean flow energy development. 
We are aiming at the top player of utilizing ocean energy in Japan, and Pan-Pacific Market in the near future.
2. Research
Related to social matters, such as environment, energy, social
3. Business Consulting
Organizational restructuring, Adaption to globalization.
1.Effort,  2.Accuracy. 3. Speed, 4.Honesty, 5.Hospitality
Headquarter Nagasaki-city, Japan
E-mail : contact※  (※=@) 
FAX  : +81-(0)95-830-1408
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CEO,Hiroshi MATSUO         English, Japanese
FoundationApril, 2012


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